TV Viewing

Over the past several years TV viewing has changed , with so many options available it is difficult to find the correct solution as our individual viewing habits are all so different.

View the Information on this page to help guide the best option for you ! 

TV Options Available

1) View TV over the Internet with a huge choice of options via receivers direct to TV and easy to use on a range of packages.

2) View TV via a Satellite connection,  channel options vary from FREESAT receivers to Full Subscription packages with a Receiver and SKY card. 

Decide Which Route

A) You have a good internet connection , then TV over internet is a good option (see below)

B) You DO NOT have an internet connection and a SATELLITE connection is your best option (see below)

A) Using an Internet TV Connection

Multiple Options available from Freesat Channels on subscription to Full Packages , use these systems worldwide. 

See INTERNET TV link in the Shop.

B) Using a Satellite TV Connection

Depending upon location Satellite is a stable connection and providing the signal is available there are Multiple Options available on FREESAT or UK for tv viewing subscription packages.

See SATELLITE TV link in the Shop.

( internet satellite tv)

Conclusion A) or B)

If either of the routes may not answer any of your questions , just CONTACT US either by Email or Phone , happy to answer any questions and advise what may be the best route for your TV viewing.